This morning I was browsing through some brochures I bought yesterday. They are various brochures explaining different uses for the oils, etc. Anyways, I was skimming through these when I read the blend for eye floaters. You will know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had them. They are black strings or gobs that float is your vision. Usually you notice them more if you’re looking at a plain white background. A few years back it was like all of a sudden I had tons of these “floaters” in my vision. I just learned to deal with it because the doctors and the optometrists I went to never gave me any suggestions about what to do about it. So I dealt with it and eventually got really good at just tuning it out. However, I didn’t like to drive as much, because the floaters were distracting. Back to this morning, I read the blend for eye floaters which is, lavender and frankincense rubbed on the eye bones of the face. Suddenly I realized that I hadn’t been noticing floaters, so I went to go stare at a blank wall. I was amazed to find out that my floaters have disappeared! I seriously saw only one tiny, light floater in my vision instead of the massive dark ones I had before! Amazing! And that’s with me only using lavender, on my feet,and no frankincense! I use lavender several times a day because of my allergies, but seriously, it is helping with health issues that I had forgotten about!

Moral of the story is, even if you don’t have health issues, the oils can only make your life better!
Thanks for reading!

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