Oh my aching!…..

This morning I woke with a pain in my neck. Don’t you hate that?! Anyways, here’s essential oils to the rescue! I got some of my Deep Blue rub, which is Doterra’s essential oil equivalent to muscle rubs in the store. *But Deep Blue smells a thousand times better! It smells like wintergreen!* I rubbed some of that on my neck and within a minute or two, pain was gone! Oh yeah! I use this stuff on my back all the time because I have degenerative disc disease. It helps me every time! No nasty side effects, no feeling like I’m going to fall asleep, or be zombified all day! I had been taking muscle relaxers, and ibuprofen, or even a narcotic when I was in very bad pain. I rarely take any of these medications anymore! Which is a ok by me because I hated the side effects, so many times I just dealt with the pain and waited until bedtime to take my medications. I’m a mom! I have no time to be zombified! Or asleep in the middle of the day! If I took a muscle relaxer and a pain pill at the same time, I’m sorry, but I went unconscious for the next 8-10 hours afterwards!

Anyways, I love how Deep Blue has helped me be a better mother. I can have pain, rub Deep Blue on it, then get on with my day! I’m not going to sleep when my kids need me! Or being super cranky because I’m just dealing with the pain! And since I absolutely love the smell of wintergreen, I don’t have any hesitation smelling like it all day!

Seriously, if you have any muscle aches or pains, you should try this product!
Thanks for reading!

To buy Deep Blue and other essential oils, click here!


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